Filling Units

Functionality of the SymLine® Filling Units

Safety Funnels

SymLine® safety funnels safely enclose harmful liquids – depending on the respective design, either via the integrated ball valve or the hinged lid. Funnels are screwed down onto the desktop or rear panels of fume cupboards, and connected to the SymLine® system. This ensures that all waste liquids flow safely into the collection container.

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Plenty of space for cleaning and dripping. The sink provides more working space for rinsing of lab glass and instruments. Existing sinks can also be connected to the SymLine® disposal system. When not in use, simply cover them! The practical cover for the sink increases working area when not being used and provides effective protection from vapours.

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Connect the waste tubes of your HPLC system directly to the disposal system. With optionally 2, 3, 4, 5 or 7 connections, you have all options at your disposal - irrespective of the manufacturer of your HPLC system. S.C.A.T. SafetyWasteCaps ensure safety. Ideal chemical resistance even against aggressive substances such as organic solvents.

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HPLC waste collectors facilitate placement of up to 4 SafeytWasteCaps on one collective outlet.

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