Grounding equipment

  • Grounding mat
  • Earthing plug
  • Ground strap for canisters
  • Grounding cable splitter
    Grounding cable splitter made of brass
    with 1 outgoing line and 5 input ports, without cables.
Part No.DescriptionUnit
108 099Anti-static mat, conductive. With ground cable (press stud connector).
Several mats can be connected to each other!
Dimensions: 610 x 1220 mm

108 092 NEWEarthing plug for isolated ground receptacle, 1x press stud connector, 2x 10 mm connector.1

108 096Ground strap for canisters with S90 thread, incl. ground cable with clamp.
Material: Stainless steel

117 995 NEWGrounding cable splitter made of brass with 1 outgoing line and 5 inline ports, without cables. Mounting material is included.1

Configure your grounding cable splitter

Every cable is equipped with a 5 mm grounding ring for mounting to the grounding cable splitter at the outgoing line 1 and the input ports 2-6. With the conigurator below you can define which grounding connection the cable head should be. Please select an option from A to G. Mounting material is included of course.


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