Pipe System

System for viscous Liquids

The SymLine® innovation: SYSTEM FOR VISCOUS LIQUIDS. This system has been specially developed for highly viscous fluids. A direct, straight connection between the filling unit and the canister is facilitated. Removable and lockable for easy canister replacement. The electronic level control is integrated directly in the canister.

  • Electrostatic conductive modules
  • Grounding option
  • Level control
Part No.Description
106 535- GL 45 filling tube
- Desktop mount incl. sliding sleeve
- Turning and lifting mechanism
- Color marking for non-operative system
- Sliding sleeve for safety cabinet feed-through
- The sealing plug (prevents liquid flowing in case of canister replacement)
- S 60 SafeytWasteCap including fixing handle and fixing sleeve
- S 60 canister, 10 l, article number: 108 042-S1
- Sleeve (can be screwed out) for capacitive rod sensor
- Capacitive rod sensor, article number: 108 178
- Built-in signal box, isolating amplifier, connection cable set

106 554Exhaust tube for Viscosity system, PE-HD-ec, length: 1500 mm, OD = 13,9 mm,
Tube OD = 10 mm

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