What is SymLine® ?

The right strategy for liquid waste!

Environmental protection, more free space, less hazards at your workplace - the SymLine® system integrates directly into your laboratory furniture. Waste containers are stored outside your working space. For more safety, comfort and sustainable pollution control.

Perfectly synchronised.

Perfectly synchronised parts and devices make handling of waste liquids as safe as never before. Whether in laboratories, technical centres or production plants - SymLine® has the right components for sustainable liquid waste management.


Economical and efficient.

The disposal containers can be used at the same time by several work stations. Splashes and spilt hazardous material are things of the past.

Ideal accessibility.

Ideal access to the collection containers is also ensured in confined spaces – the tube system and numerous adapters have been specially developed for this purpose.

No disturbances or interruptions!

Dispose of your liquids directly at the experiment setting without long routes to the collection containers. This saves time and your filling level is continuously monitored.

Efficient use of space.

The compact-space saving construction means that SymLine® components can be incorporated ideally into the concept of modern lab facilities – where it’s a matter of economical use of working space available.

Holistic and sustainable.

SymLine® provides a fully complete disposal concept. The modular system provides many individual combination options and it is simple to integrate external units.

Safe for the environment and for health.

Daily liquid waste in the lab is transferred safely and in line with regulations between the working and storage area – without any emission in the working environment harmful to health or the environment.